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Removing soap scum from shower doors – 4 methods and a winner!!


Removing soap scum from shower doors – 4 methods and a winner!!


To make this delicious Removing soap scum from shower doors – 4 methods and a winner!! You’ll need the following ingredients:

Here’s what the glass door looked like:

So my son (who is in 6th grade and thought this experiment might come in handy for a class project) and I divided up the door into 4 sections and tried each method on one section:

The Results:

Method 1:

With this method we used a magic eraser with some dishwashing liquid on it. The theory here is that the dishwashing liquid cuts grease and the magic eraser has special powers to wipe away all kinds of unknown spots and stains. People swore by this method. I scrubbed pretty hard with this, rinsed it off and I barely noticed any difference. It didn’t even make a dent in removing the water stains.

Method 2:

I applied the Jet Dry type liquid on the green part of a sponge (the scrubby side) and scrubbed hard. I didn’t see any kind of foaming of the soap scum. After I rinsed this off I barely noticed any difference.

Method 3:

I grabbed some Bar Keeper’s Friend from Price Chopper and truthfully, I didn’t think this one would work at all. I do use this on stainless steel (the kettle, the sink, stove top) and it works good but the results aren’t exactly amazing. I poured some of this on the green part of the sponge, started scrubbing and when I rinsed it off all the soap scum had magically disappeared. It was amazing. I’m talking all the soap scum was gone.

Method 4:

People swore by this method which is where you take a wet dryer sheet (although then I read to use a dry sheet) and wipe that over the soap scum. I wet my dryer sheet and rubbed and rubbed, then wiped this section clean and….. no noticeable difference. I didn’t have much hope for this and I was right, it didn’t work.

And the WINNER is Bar Keepers Friend – cooktop:

Check out these before and after shots.

This is the Before shot looking through the shower door at the sink. Icky, right?

And here’s the same shot After.  You probably think this shot is not through the door, but it is. I made sure to show the door handle in the shot. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? I don’t like to endorse products, but Bar Keeper’s Friend is now my new friend.

And one more looking into the shower:


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