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How To Make a Beautiful Dandelion Paperweight Globe


How To Make a Beautiful Dandelion Paperweight Globe


To make this yummy How To Make a Beautiful Dandelion Paperweight Globe You’ll need the following ingredients:

In fact, if you roast them good and grind them up they can be made into a caffeine-free coffee substitute. Then there is also dandelion tea. Now that is survival power!

Now that you know how to use them as food, let’s take a look at that project idea that includes flowers in resin.

Dandelion Paperweights

If you’re looking for a great gift idea, or a way to earn some extra money on the side, this might be just the ticket. Seriously, even if you’ve never considered yourself the “crafty” type, this is a good idea. It’s not that hard to learn how to do it – it’s just flowers in resin.

People who have experience with building and assembling things for a prepper situation can definitely learn how to build these dandelion paperweights on their own. It may take a little practice, but you can surely get it. DIY paperweights are a fun project and a great gift idea.

If you can learn how to make them yourself, there are so many great things you can do with them. It can also be an awesome source of extra income for you and the family. Think about how that extra cash could help you prep, too.

These actually sell for $35-$80 bucks so if you get good at it you could sell some for extra income or make them for presents. They truly are amazingly beautiful.

If you are not into crafts, or would rather just buy them, there are some for sale on Etsyand Amazon.

How To Make A Beautiful Dandelion Paperweight

Now let’s talk about how to actually make the dandelion paperweight. You never know where a skill like how to make a paperweight from resin could take you. It could be a business in the making.

First, you need to buy a vending capsule from a vending machine. These are usually easy to find in supermarkets, malls, and other public places. If you start doing a lot of these to sell, you can buy them in bulk from a supply company instead.

Next, you need to get your dandelion before it puffs. Pick it gently – it will still be closed. Next, wait 1-2 days and wait for it to explode open.

All of the seeds will puff out and you’ll get that classic white look of the dandelion before it turns to the yellow flower we all know. This is what will be preserved in the resin.

You’re also going to need resin and catalyst. You can buy these for your dandelion paperweight while you’re waiting on it to “explode”. Many people like to use a wooden clothespin to hold the dandelion so you don’t lose the puffy seeds (see the video).

Now you’ll need to follow the instruction for your resin to open it and cast your dandelion correctly. Then pour your resin and your catalyst into the vending capsule. Wear gloves and be careful of spilling the resin anywhere.

Setting the Dandelion Paperweight

Next, you need to carefully press the dandelion into the resin inside the capsule. Leave it there until the liquid hardens inside. If in doubt, leave it longer!

Now when you are certain it has hardened, you can just pop it out of the vending capsule. Sometimes the capsules break in the process. It’s no big deal since they are cheap and you can get more if you need to make more paperweights.

Now you’re left with a beautiful, unique dandelion globe! Since every flower is different, each dandelion paperweight you make will be unique. This is part of the beauty of it all and another reason people love to buy handmade items.

If you get great at making them, you may decide you want to do more and sell them, as we mentioned above.

Making Extra Money with Your Dandelion Paperweights

Why would a prepper want to bother with making and selling a craft like this? Well, there are a lot of reasons – one of them being just because you enjoy it. But it’s also a great way to make side money that you can use for more prepping.

Don’t forget, side income means more money for preps. That means a better and more prepared future for you and your family. Above all, this is just a really beautiful dandelion DIY craft and it’s a way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world.