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To make this yummy 37 TIME-SAVING DEEP CLEANING HACKS EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW You’ll need the following ingredients:

How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Yup, we can all agree. The bathroom is always in need of a good deep cleaning. Here are some easy methods to try!

  1. Scrub down the mirror. Yes, your mirror may get a wipe down every once in a while when things are looking bad (literally). To deep clean your mirror, however, you’ll need to grab this set and use some muscle.
  2. Deep cleaning hacks for your shower. The shower and tub need some extra love during Spring cleaning season. Here’s a list of step by step directions on how to do this right, starting with the shower head.
  3. Make your grout sparkle. This handy invention turns a drill into a powerful scrubbing machine–way easier than using just sheer willpower.
  4. Clear out your cabinets. Pull everything out of your drawers, medicine cabinets and out from underneath the sink. Group like items together then put only what should live in that place back.
  5. Face the toilet. Let’s be honest. Out of all the items to clean in the bathroom, the toilet may seem the most ominous. However, deep cleaning a toilet is not that bad! Check out these helpful steps full of deep cleaning hacks for your porcelain throne.
  6. Tackle the bathroom sink. Prepare to be shocked—your bathroom sink harbors more bacteria than your toilet seat. Ick! This post is full of quick deep cleaning hacks to take care of it.
  7. Refresh your towels. Even the best towels need a little pick-me-up once in a while. Use this routine with baking soda and vinegar to deep clean and de-scent them all.
  8. Wash your shower curtain and liner. Did you know your shower curtain and liner should be washed? Here’s the trick to tackle it.
  9. Clean your bath mats. Likewise, take the time to clean your bath mats with this easy deep cleaning hack. Toss your mats in the washer along with a scoop or so of OxiClean,then let them air dry.
  10. Sanitize your floors. The easiest way you can sanitize any floor in your home is to steam mop. If you don’t already have a steam mop, this one has a great handheld version toothat can be used all over your home. Plus, it comes in handy with wrinkly clothes!

How to Deep Clean Your Living Room

This is the relaxation zone for most people, with soft fabrics and upholstery that isn’t exactly easy to wipe clean. Here is how to get your living room extra clean.

  1. Make your windows sparkle with this easy deep cleaning hack.
  2. De-soot your fireplace. Take the time to follow these cleaning steps so your fireplace is ready to go for next winter.
  3. Deep clean area rugs. Area rugs in your living room are a high traffic area that probably haven’t gotten much more attention than a quick vacuum over the past few months. These deep cleaning hacks will show you exactly how to get each different type of rug super clean.
  4. Polish wood surfaces.  Take note of any scratches or nicks that may need treating and sanding while you clean.
  5. Seriously deep clean your sofa. Get your sofa extra clean by following the instructions in this post. It’s full of deep cleaning hacks like how to identify fabric types so you can clean them properly.
  6. Clean your curtains. Cleaning experts recommend you vacuum your curtains monthly to remove dust mites and allergens. If you haven’t exactly followed that rule, you’ll want to read these informative tips about how to make sure your curtains are clean.

How to Deep Clean Your Bedroom

Give the bedrooms in your home a little extra love this spring with these super easy deep cleaning hacks.

  1. Air out your mattress with this deep cleaning hack: vacuum it, sprinkle with baking powder, then vacuum again before tackling stains.
  2. Do some heavy duty dusting. Dust your ceiling fan and crown molding with this handy telescope duster that reaches all those tall spots you normally cannot.
  3. Give your carpet a good cleaning. Use this handy spot carpet cleaner on any stains and then vacuum your carpet thoroughly.
  4. Clean your baseboards. When’s the last time you wiped down the baseboards in your home? If you are like me, it’s been a while. This easy-to-follow guide will show you exactly how it’s done.
  5. Deep clean your bedding. Your bedding is probably harboring a lot of dead skin cells and bacteria—if that isn’t motivation to clean I don’t know what is! Thankfully, cleaning your linens and pillows isn’t that hard if you follow these deep cleaning hacks.
  6. Dust your blinds. When it comes to dusting, you don’t often think of blinds, but this genius dusting tool will help you do it with lightning speed.

How to Deep Clean Your Laundry Room

Your laundry room is another high traffic room that gets a lot of use. If you don’t want to start handwashing all of your clothes (can you imagine!?!?) take extra good care of your laundry machine and the space it lives in with these deep cleaning hacks.

  1. Wash the washing machine. One area of your home that will definitely need a deep cleaning is your washing machine, You can use these simple to follow steps to clean it.
  2. Keep your dryer lint-free. Lint isn’t just unsightly and annoying, it can actually be dangerous. An accumulation of too much lint can lead to broken equipment and even fires. Use this step-by-step method to clean your dryer and keep it safe.
  3. De-clog your air vents. Thanks once again to lint, air vents in your laundry room can get clogged. Here’s a great deep cleaning hack to help you get rid of it.
  4. Steam your clothes iron.  Follow these steps to learn exactly how steam can clean your iron and keep it fresh
  5. Wipe all baskets. Your clothes baskets have seen a lot over the years. Make sure you take the time to wipe them down with your favorite cleaning spray so they stay fresh.

Following these cleaning tips will make sure your home is a fresh and safe environment to live in and help you feel more organized to boot!